Floating-top Entry Table with Mike Pekovich

Join us for the latest new class with Fine Woodworking Editor Mike Pekovich. Mike’s design sense really shines in this new project, and it will look great in any home.

Fundamentals of Furniture-Making with Bob Van Dyke

This popular six-day intensive hands-on class is an opportunity to concentrate on the basics of woodworking and furniture making. This is not an appropriate class for absolute beginners. Some experience is suggested.

Furniture Making I: Walnut Jewelry Box

A hands-on course that covers the basic concepts of woodworking and furniture making.

Furniture Making II: Shaker Hall Table

An eight-session (or two weekend) class that is a continuation of the Furniture making I class.

Greene & Greene Details I with Darrell Peart

Greene & Greene furniture represents some of the best work ever done in the Arts & Crafts Style and west coast furniture maker, Darrell Peart indulges his passion by working and teaching primarily in the style of these two California designers who so successfully blended some of the best features of the Arts & Crafts movement with some of the subtleties of Asian furniture.

Innovative & Imaginative String Inlay with Steve Latta: Pushing the boundaries way beyond Traditional Inlay

Have you ever imagined a figure or seen a design that you wished you could incorporate into a project that you were visualizing?

Introduction to Hammer Veneering with Al Breed

The use of hide glue and hammer veneering goes back thousands of years. The walls of ancient Egyptian tombs portray craftsmen sawing veneers, mixing glue in a pot and laying those veneers down with the same hammer techniques which are just as effective today as it was back then.

Introduction to Marquetry with Frank Strazza

In this 4 day introductory class, Frank will teach you some of his favorite techniques and methods, including packet cutting and double-bevel sawing, as you discover that you, too, can create this timeless art.

Learn about Gold Leaf Gilding with Tad Fallon

Designed for furniture makers, restorers, collectors, homeowners, and dealers alike, this exciting two day hands on class will focus on the restoration and conservation of gilded surfaces including frames, furniture, and architectural elements.

Learn the Chinese Frame and Panel with Andrew Hunter

In this three-day class Andrew will introduce students to Classical Chinese Furniture and the joinery that has made it endure all these years. Being completely fascinated by the furniture of the Ming and Qing dynasties in China, Andrew will speak to the sophisticated execution of both the exterior and interior construction.