CVSW features two fully equipped shops- the main shop is over 3000 square feet and typically has 12 – 14 benches in place. 23 foot ceilings and a battery of LED lighting assure a complete feeling of spaciousness. The second shop is around 1500 square feet and is typically set up with 9 or 10 benches. This is the shop where most of the woodturning and finishing classes take place. Be assured- you will never feel crowded at CVSW.

CVSW has a reputation for having the best tools and materials of just about any American woodworking school. This does not necessarily mean the “newest” tools- Some of our tools are older than many of the students! We use them because they were made at a time when craftsmen were making their living using these tools and they had to work to their fullest potential and not just look good on someone’s computer screen.