Build an Elegant Display Case on Stand with Mike Pekovich

Inspired by the work of James Krenov, Fine Woodworking magazine’s Editor & Executive Art Director, Mike Pekovich has come up with a project that will show off your joinery skills as well as your treasured keepsakes.

Build an Elegant Wine Glass Cabinet with Mike Pekovich

This project packs a big punch when it comes to lessons in case, door, and drawer construction.

Build this Fancy Kumiko Tea Box with Mike Pekovich

Learn the basics of a mitered box and try your hand at kumiko while building a really nice little tea box that, not coincidentally, would make a great holiday gift.

Building Kitchen Cabinets with Tim Spratlin

Tim Spratlin is a professional cabinet maker and is able to show you loads of time saving techniques to help you on your way to building your own kitchen cabinets.

Cabinet Wood Identification with Randy Wilkinson- Its not as simple as it seems!

Did you ever look at a piece of wood and wonder what wood it is? And why it looks the way it does? Were you ever confused about which wood it is: mahogany or walnut, cherry or poplar, especially if you are looking at an antique that has an aged finish on it?

Carve a Ball & Claw Foot with Chuck Bender

Carving a ball & claw foot is easier than you might think and with the right instruction anyone can do it!

Carve a Cabriole Leg with Chuck Bender

The cabriole leg is a graceful and essential form in most Queen Anne style furniture and we are fortunate to have Chuck Bender, an expert in this furniture style, hosting this unique two-day hands-on class.

Carve the “Green Man” with Mary May

Join professional woodcarver, Mary May, in learning to carve the traditional "Greenman".

Classical Chinese Furniture– The Roots of Western Furniture– with Andrew Hunter

Professional Furniture maker and educator, Andrew Hunter will spend the day discussing the history of furniture making in China with an emphasis on what made Ming style or Classical Chinese furniture so special.

Decorative Details- Making Inlays, Bandings and Paterae with Steve Latta

Join nationally know inlay expert, Steve Latta as we explore and push the limits of adding distinctive decorative details to your work. Furniture makers have lots of options for enhancing their work. Inlay and ornamental veneer work are two of the oldest methods dating back to ancient Egypt. We will spend a full week on learning Steve’s proven methods for creating striking inlays, bandings and sand shaded paterae.