This six day (two 3-day weekends) hands-on class is an opportunity to learn the basic concepts of woodworking and furniture making.

General shop safety (with particular concentration on using the tablesaw) is emphasized and we will combine the use of  power & hand tools to effectively & efficiently build an Arts & Crafts Side Table in white oak. An important part of the class is mastering the concept of “milling a board four square” Using the jointer, thickness planer & tablesaw, students will come away with a working knowledge of how to make– and keep– solid wood flat, straight and square. This is a great vehicle to learn and practice solid joinery techniques along with learning to surface stock with a handplane & card scraper. Grain matching is essential to any good furniture glue up and we will concentrate on that when we glue up our tops.

This class provides a strong foundation for more advanced furniture projects while making a great side table that will compliment any home.

Sign up today- space is limited to 8 students.

This class will meet Friday- Sunday, September 22 - 24 & Saturday - Monday, October 7 - 9- Total of 6 days

Tuition: $975.00 materials ($165.00 plus tax)