Step Into Woodworking

One Step: A Simple Stylish Bench

The focus of this class is on safety and on using tools that don’t cost a fortune and are readily available just about anywhere.

Step One: A Simple Plant Stand

The focus of this class is on safety and on using tools that don’t cost a fortune and are readily available just about anywhere.

Fundamentals of Furniture-Making

Build an Arts & Crafts Style Side Table with Bob Van Dyke

This six day (two 3-day weekends) hands-on class is an opportunity to learn the basic concepts of woodworking and furniture making.

Building Kitchen Cabinets with Tim Spratlin

Tim Spratlin is a professional cabinet maker and is able to show you loads of time saving techniques to help you on your way to building your own kitchen cabinets.

Furniture Making I: Walnut Jewelry Box

A hands-on course that covers the basic concepts of woodworking and furniture making.

Furniture Making II: Shaker Hall Table

An eight-session (or two weekend) class that is a continuation of the Furniture making I class.


Basic Woodturning Weekend with Rick Angus

This is a great beginning woodturning class- in a weekend format

Beginning Woodturning with Rick Angus

This six evening class is designed for the beginning (or frustrated) woodturner and features extensive hands-on practice each night.

One Day Woodturning with Rick Angus

This one day class will get you hooked on turning– Guaranteed!

Turn a Bowl from a Log with Rick Angus

Turning "green" wood offers turners opportunities that don't exist when using kiln-dried lumber.

Turning Lidded Containers with Rick Angus

Learn to turn these popular lidded containers and let your imagination take over.

Woodturning II - The Next Step! - with Rick Angus

Now that you have made a few bowls on a glue block, join us to learn the next level of cross-grain bowl turning techniques.

Professional Furniture Finishing Techniques

Wood Finishing Weekend – The Basics of Color and Topcoats with Mike Mascelli

This two day class is tailored especially for woodworkers who are uneasy about the finishing process and wish to master the basic knowledge and techniques that will enable professional finishing results using easily available materials.

Specialty & Weekend Classes

Basic Upholstery with Mike Mascelli

This class will be a combination lecture, demonstration and hands-on session which will provide an overview of the history, tools, techniques and materials of upholstery.

Beginning Electric Guitars - Build a Telecaster or Stratocaster with Mike South

In this class we jump into the world of electric guitar construction. Students will each build their own guitar based on the world famous Fender Telecaster (yeah- that’s the one Bruce Springsteen plays!) or the equally famous Fender Stratocaster.

2 weekends (4 full days)

Build a Cantilevered Chair in the Style of George Nakashima’s “Conoid” Chair with Chuck Bender

George Nakashima was one of the most influential studio woodworkers of the twentieth century. In this class, we take inspiration from several cantilevered chair designs to make a chair of our own that makes a visual statement.

Build a Tahoma Mirror/Picture Frame with Darrell Peart

In this one-day class, students will make a Darrell Peart designed 14” X 22” Tahoma frame.

Build this Fancy Kumiko Tea Box with Mike Pekovich

Learn the basics of a mitered box and try your hand at kumiko while building a really nice little tea box that, not coincidentally, would make a great holiday gift.

Cabinet Wood Identification with Randy Wilkinson- Its not as simple as it seems!

Did you ever look at a piece of wood and wonder what wood it is? And why it looks the way it does? Were you ever confused about which wood it is: mahogany or walnut, cherry or poplar, especially if you are looking at an antique that has an aged finish on it?

Carve a Cabriole Leg with Chuck Bender

The cabriole leg is a graceful and essential form in most Queen Anne style furniture and we are fortunate to have Chuck Bender, an expert in this furniture style, hosting this unique two-day hands-on class.

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