Director: Bob Van Dyke

After 18 years as an award-winning chef, Bob began a career in woodworking and teaching.

Chuck Bender

Charles (Chuck) Bender is one of the most highly regarded furniture makers in the country and the founder of the Acanthus Workshop. 

Peter Follansbee

Peter lives in Kingston, Ma., in an early 19th-century house. He worked as a joiner at the Plimoth Plantation for more than 20 years.

Mike Pekovich

Mike Pekovich studied both furniture making and graphic design in college and is Editor and Creative Director for FineWoodworking magazine.

Dave Douyard

David Douyard is a chairmaker building Windsor and ladderback chairs in his shop in northwest Connecticut. 

Mike Mascelli

Mike is a professional upholsterer with more than 40 years of experience in working and teaching.

Will Neptune

Will Neptune is a furniture maker and master carver working in the Boston area.

Sue Muldoon
Sue Muldoon began seatweaving 35 years ago, but took a long hiatus due to her work in the floral industry.
Darrell Peart

Darrell Peart lives in Seattle and is best known for his Greene & Greene style furniture. 

Mary May

Mary May has been carving wood for more than 30 years. 

Steve Latta

Steve Latta has been a professional furniture and cabinetmaker for nearly four decades. 

John Coffey

John is restorer of antique furniture and lives on Long Island in New York. 

Tim Coleman

Tim is a furniture designer and maker who studied with James Krenov.

Andrew Hunter

Andrew is a custom furniture maker working and living in New York’s Hudson Valley.

Chris Schwartz

Chris Schwarz is a long-time woodworker and writer who has spent the last 15 years encouraging woodworkers to embrace more handwork in their shops.

Matt Cianci

Matt is a professional hand-saw sharpener, hand-tool woodworker, and saw enthusiast who has been using and sharpening hand saws since 2002.

Frank Strazza
Frank Strazza is a traditional fine furniture maker, with over 30 years experience, based in Central TX
Randy Wilkiinson

Randy Wilkinson is an engineer, furniture conservator, and student of wood. His insights into the microscopic nature of wood reach across many professions.