A Deep Dive into Handtool Joinery with Frank Strazza

This class is a great opportunity to learn the fundamentals and the fine points of traditional joinery done entirely by hand. Everything from the basics of sharpening to the basics of furniture joints.

A Japanese Approach to Handtool Joinery- A silent workshop with Andrew Hunter

Join furniture maker and educator Andrew Hunter and spend three days learning the Japanese approach to joinery while working exclusively with handtools.

A Unique Tour of The Yale Furniture Study with Patricia Kane

Many of you have expressed the desire to accompany CVSW director Bob Van Dyke on one of his frequent visits to the Yale Art Gallery’s Hume American Furniture Study Center in West Haven, CT.

A week of Inlay with Steve Latta: Diving Into the Deep End!…….

Join nationally known inlay expert Steve Latta for a deep dive into a week of all things inlay!

Basic Upholstery with Mike Mascelli

This class will be a combination lecture, demonstration and hands-on session which will provide an overview of the history, tools, techniques and materials of upholstery.

Basic Woodturning Weekend with Rick Angus

This is a great beginning woodturning class- in a weekend format

Beginning Blacksmith with Chip Sowalski

The trade of blacksmithing is one of the most misrepresented and least understood of the ancient crafts. This introduction to basic blacksmithing will expose you to the fundamental skills needed to successfully transform plain iron into objects that are both useful and attractive.

Beginning Electric Guitars - Build a Telecaster or Stratocaster with Mike South

In this class we jump into the world of electric guitar construction. Students will each build their own guitar based on the world famous Fender Telecaster (yeah- that’s the one Bruce Springsteen plays!) or the equally famous Fender Stratocaster.

Beginning Woodturning with Rick Angus

This six evening class is designed for the beginning (or frustrated) woodturner and features extensive hands-on practice each night.

Beyond Basic Inlay: Working with Shell, Mother of Pearl and Metals– with Mike South

Mike South will introduce students to the basics of cutting and inlaying various types of shell products and other materials into musical instruments and other flat surfaces.