Sue Muldoon began seatweaving 35 years ago, but took a long hiatus due to her work in the floral industry. Her interest was rekindled around 2015 and she now repairs furniture and teaches in-person and virtually.

Her fine arts background is an inspiration for doing detailed seatweaving restoration along with trying unique, non-traditional forms of seatweaving and basketry.

She resides in Enfield CT but her work can travel with her. Her love of sailing combined with her work means that you will often see her weaving on boat docks and lakeside- and on a good day she is accompanied by a grandchild. Her frequent visits to Southern Italy means her work is now international!.

She is the webmaster of The SeatWeavers’ Guild, Inc and active in many other weaving and art guilds. Expanding the knowledge of weaving and inspiring new weavers brings her great joy and she loves to teach.

Examples of Work