Many students have asked for a class that offers the opportunity to turn bowls and only bowls. This class is for students with some turning experience. The night time woodturning or the weekend Basic Woodturning are required.

Students will have the opportunity to turn a shallow bowl, a deeper bowl, and time permitting- a third bowl or a plate (think very shallow bowl…).

Participants will learn to make jigs and fixtures that will be useful in finishing the bottom of any bowl. We will get into the use of a four jaw chuck as well as alternative ways to hold the work on the lathe without using a commercially made chuck.

Sharp tools are essential so we will be spending time at the grinder learning about sharpening bowl gouges and scrapers. Techniques for sanding and finishing bowls will also be covered.

Sign up today. Space is limited to 9!

Tuition: $485.00 plus materials ($45.00 + tax)