6 days, Mon 9:00 AM - Sat 5:00 PM, 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM


  • $965.00 excl.


Join nationally known inlay expert Steve Latta for a deep dive into a week of all things inlay!

This class will begin with simple string inlay and some traditional designs but we will quickly move on to geometric patterns and more contemporary imagery. Pattern inlay offers an unlimited expanse of design opportunities and we will explore those possibilities and incorporate them into the creation of a wall panel that students will make as a tangible record of their week of inlay explorations. The panel gives us a canvas to work on as we work on some sand shaded bandings that are relatively simple to construct but make a powerful statement nonetheless.  The same can be said of ornamental ovals and diamond shaped paterae and, not surprisingly, they’ll be part of the week.  Fielded panels will be approached in two manners, one in veneer with a radial grain border and contrasting field.  These techniques are perfect for table tops, sides, doors and drawer fronts.  The other approach will deal with solid stock with an intertwined border of stringing.  If time allows, we will play with hammer veneering and explore some of its potentials. This age old technique is as relevant today as it was in the past.

Join us for a great week and a fantastic opportunity to learn from one of this country’s leading craftsmen.  Don’t miss out- a little knowledge, a bit of practice and a bit of imagination will yield results you never thought possible!

Tuition: $965.00 plus materials ($80.00)