Wooden plates & platters are great projects to expand your bowl making skills and are a great way to use up off cuts from other projects that are not using thick stock. The design opportunities for plates focuses on creating an attractive rim that looks elegant yet holds food on the plate and allows an easy grip for removing the plate from a table with one hand. 

As thin as they are we will analyze how the shallow “bowl” portion in the center accommodates the relationship between the rim (that you see mostly from the top) and a wide foot (seen mostly from the bottom).  The key to this analysis is the side view and we use some examples of plates cut through the middle to expose the profile of the plate. 

Students review all bowl-making techniques using deep gouges and scrapers within this thin-bowl design constraint. 

The class focuses on designing and creating details on the rim and foot of the plate– and– having a good time of course!! Sign up today– space is limited. Tuition: $295.00 plus materials ($29.00)