Darrell Peart has been studying the furniture of the early 20th century Pasadena based Greene & Greene brothers for most of his professional career. He has faithfully measured and reproduced many of their pieces, developed efficient methods and techniques to reproduce their signature cloud lifts, ebony splines and plugs along with many of their unique pulls, knobs & other embellishments and has designed a number of pieces of furniture based on their unique style.

The mahogany blanket chest we will each be building in this class was designed by Darrell and will feature a number of specific jigs that he has developed for its efficient construction. These will be available to participants should you want them to use when making additional pieces in your own workshops.

The chest features solid Honduras mahogany throughout along with the signature G & G ebony plugs. The top is the classic Green & Greene breadboard which accommodates the inevitable expansion & contraction of the solid wood top and enhances this along with ebony splines as an important part of  the design. Unique mahogany “straps” finish off the blanket chest.

How far you get in the project during the week will ultimately be up to you but rest assured- all machining and the lion’s share of the work will be finished in class so any final finishing will be easily taken care of in your own shop at home. The school’s director, Bob Van Dyke, will be assisting Darrell in this class and will be doing some of the demos. The blanket chest is approximately 12” X 22 ½” X 43 ½”.

Sign up today and make this unique heirloom piece of furniture.

Tuition: $985.00 plus materials ($695.00 plus tax)