Lets take a deeper dive into Japanese hand planes!  Many of you have taken Andrew's Introduction to Japanese Handplanes class in which we each took a new Japanese smoothing plane (Kana), tuned it up, fitted & sharpened the iron and went from nothing to making beautiful shavings. Well, this is the sequel! You don't have to have taken Andrew's previous classes to take this one, but you do need to have a Japanese hand plane of your own that has already been taken through the original steps of set up.  If you have any doubt then please contact Andrew directly at the email listed below.

 In this two-day class Andrew will first work with students individually to assess their planes and offer suggestions on how to get it working better.  He will then guide students through the process of setting up the chip breaker.  Getting a chip breaker to work properly can be a bit tricky, but when it's working just right it makes all the difference!  Students will learn to effectively put their planes to use by pulling shavings with the whole body and not just with their arms. We will each spend some time learning to dimension lumber entirely by hand. Remember- The Japanese Kana, like a Western handplane, is not just limited to surfacing but also excels at precisely fitting parts; 2 thousandth of an inch at a time!

 Don’t miss out on this unique class- You will have a great time!!

Tuition: $385.00 Plus materials ($25.00 plus tax)