In this three-day class Andrew will introduce students to Classical Chinese Furniture and the joinery that has made it endure all these years. Being completely fascinated by the furniture of the Ming and Qing dynasties in China, Andrew will speak to the sophisticated execution of both the exterior and interior construction. 

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of classical Chinese furniture is the use of tapered sliding dovetail battens in their frame and panel construction. Instead of using floating panels, as is typical in the West, the Chinese panel is secured to the frame with sliding dovetailed battens. This creates a stiff panel that cannot rack, yet can be made light weight with slender proportions.  

Over the weekend students will create their own Chinese frame and panel using a combination of hand and power tools.  Other inspiring joints will also be covered, so don't wait to sign up.  Learn a new skill that could change the way you look at furniture. Construction.

Andrew is one of this country’s leading authorities on Japanese and Chinese furniture, tools & techniques. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of this unique class!

Tuition:  $565.00 plus materials ($40.00 plus tax)