2 days, Sat 9:30 AM - Sun 5:00 PM, 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM


  • $425.00 excl.


This unique weekend class with well known Furniture maker Tim Coleman encourages students to jump into the exciting world of making dynamic patterns using shop-sawn veneers. We will create a parquet veneer tabletop using your choice of the Cracked Ice pattern or a Ribbon pattern design. The Cracked Ice pattern is seen widely in Chinese design and is a great way to learn parquet veneer techniques. The Ribbon pattern utilizes the natural chatoyence inherent in most figured woods and offers some phenomenal design opportunities. Tim will begin by showing examples of these pattern in his own work and due to the logistical constraints of the two day format, Tim will wait until the second day to offer students strategies for creating their own patterns.

Students will work with thick veneer provided by Tim and each will lay out and construct their own cracked ice or ribbon pattern.  Most students will have their panels in the veneer press by the end of the first day so that they are ready for scraping, sanding and edge banding the next. We will endeavor to have students leave with a completed tabletop but please realize you may still have to do some finish work at home before beginning the finish process.   The panel you make in class would make a great top for a table or maybe just a panel ready to hang on the wall. Either way you will learn a whole lot of new & creative skills.

Topics will include:

  • Working with thick veneer
  • Creating parquet patterns
  • Veneer substrates
  • Veneer pressing techniques
  • Edge banding techniques
  • Adhesives for veneer work
  • Shooting veneer edges with a hand plane
  • Scraper sharpening and use                    

Sign up today- Space it limited to 8 students. Tuition: $395.00 plus materials ($60.00 plus tax)