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Build Your Own Skin-On-Frame Kayak with Nick Schade

The original kayaks created by the Inuit peoples of the Arctic were assembschade skin on frame 3 2018 640led from driftwood and seal skin. We will update the process with CNC-cut frames and Polyester fabric, but lashing together small pieces of wood is still a great way to quickly and efficiently construct a very capable watercraft.

Nick Schade has designed a modern sea kayak named the MicroBootlegger Sport. It is 15.5’ long, 22” wide and weighs about 36 lbs. The whole kayak can be assembled in a week.

We will lash lightweight wood stringers onto pre-cut marine plywood frame using artificial sinew to make a robust frame. We will then wrap the frame in heat-shrink polyester fabric and sew it in place instead of sealskin. Finally, the fabric will be sealed with paint to make it waterproof.

The result is a lightweight, flexible kayak which is strong, comfortable, fast and efficient. At the end of the class, the kayak will be complete and ready to launch.Schade Skin on frame 2 2018 640

The class starts on Saturday of Martin Luther King weekend and finishes up mid-day the next Thursday. Tuition $795.00 (plus materials– TBD)

For more information on Nick’s kayaks go to  

Section 011919A: Saturday - Thursday, January 19 - 24, 9:00am - 5:00pm 

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