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In Memory of Richard Bergen

Richard BergenIt is with great sadness that I tell you Richard Bergen lost his courageous battle with Leukemia on Thursday, April 9, 2020. He was a close personal friend for over 20 years and a huge asset in the school. Richard took dozens and dozens of classes over the years and assisted in most of the beginning classes for many years. Every studio photograph of the school furniture projects was done by Richard- free of charge!

Richard never hesitated to jump in and help out any time we needed it and was a huge help to hundreds of students..

He will be sorely missed.

Bob Van Dyke

Build Your Own Skin-On-Frame Kayak with Nick Schade

The original kayaks created by the Inuit peoples of the Arctic were assembschade skin on frame 3 2018 640led from driftwood and seal skin. We will update the process with CNC-cut frames and Polyester fabric, but lashing together small pieces of wood is still a great way to quickly and efficiently construct a very capable watercraft.

Nick Schade has designed a modern sea kayak named the MicroBootlegger Sport. It is 15.5’ long, 22” wide and weighs about 36 lbs. The whole kayak can be assembled in a week.

We will lash lightweight wood stringers onto pre-cut marine plywood frame using artificial sinew to make a robust frame. We will then wrap the frame in heat-shrink polyester fabric and sew it in place instead of sealskin. Finally, the fabric will be sealed with paint to make it waterproof.

The result is a lightweight, flexible kayak which is strong, comfortable, fast and efficient. At the end of the class, the kayak will be complete and ready to launch.Schade Skin on frame 2 2018 640

The class starts on Saturday of Martin Luther King weekend and finishes up mid-day the next Thursday. Tuition $795.00 (plus materials– TBD)

For more information on Nick’s kayaks go to  

Section 011919A: Saturday - Thursday, January 19 - 24, 9:00am - 5:00pm 

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