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Measure and Build a Museum Piece of Furniture with  Glen Huey and Chuck Bender

Belden Tea Table 640Have you ever wondered how you go about recreating a piece of furniture that you saw and fell in love with? The only problem is that it is in a museum. How do you get access to it? How do you go about measuring it and recreating the shapes? This class with 360 Woodworking founders, Glen D. Huey and Chuck Bender will introduce you to the techniques used to measure an historic piece of furniture– from conducting yourself in a professional manner with the museum curator to the measuring tools and techniques used which guarantee no damage is done to the furniture (and that you are welcome to come back to the institution!)

Tea tables from the 18th Century represent refinement, civility and education. For the contemporary craftsman, they represent challenges to push your skills beyond the ordinary boundaries. The methods used to make these mini-masterpieces are as varied as the designs themselves. Join Glen and Chuck Bender for this six-day class and learn varying methods to create cabriole legs, form mortise-and-tenon joints, shape apron cutouts and more. Belden Tea Table leg 640

This class begins at the museum where you’ll learn a variety of way to gather crucial information needed for an accurate reproduction of any period piece. From there, we head back to the school where we will create working drawings from the information gathered at the museum. Construction begin with both Glen and Chuck demonstrating their differing methods for creating elegant cabriole legs. With a mix of hand-tool and power-tool methods, you’re sure to increase your woodworking knowledge under the watchful eyes of two nationally recognized furniture makers and instructors. The table we will measure and build is believed to have been built in Wethersfield, CT in the mid 18th century. It is possible that you might actually finish the table in class but don’t be disappointed if you still have detail work and some assembly to complete later in your own shop. Everyone works at their own pace and it is more important to “get it right” rather than rush to finish. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to work with two of this country’s premier furniture makers and make an heirloom piece of furniture that will be in your family as long as this table has been in Wethersfield! Sign up today! Tuition: $795.00 plus materials

Section 071017A, Monday—Saturday, July 10—15, 9:00am—5:00pm

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