Build a Connecticut Dressing Table with Glen Huey

CT Lowboy HueySeldom does a piece of furniture catch my eye and hold it, but that is exactly what happened when I first saw this Connecticut Dressing Table. I was taken in by the early period design of profiled moldings around the drawers and the deeply cut apron with turned drop pendents that state William & Mary in design. But cabriole legs are straight-up Queen Anne, so this piece is firmly placed early in the period. This dressing table is well made as evidenced by the cock-bead along the apron cut-outs, but the interior workings are unique and simple; even the drawers indicate an early age due to thin parts and applied bottoms.

In this six-day workshop we will discuss the importance of lumber selection to the overall look of your project. You'll learn secrets to better cabriole legs as hand-tools are used to shape the design, and you'll develop a full understanding of mortise-and-tenon joinery. Of course the drawers are built using hand-cut dovetails and you'll further enhance your project with sliced, shaped and applied cock bead. Patterns are made for the legs, and for the apron and case sides as you learn the "dos and don'ts" of pattern routing. This is the perfect class to further develop both hand and power tool usage in the workshop.

Be sure to check out Glen's article on building this project in the February 2014 issue of Popular Woodworking

Tuition $795.00 plus materials

Section 070714A: Monday - Saturday, July 7 - 12, 9:00am - 5:00pm


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