Build a Connecticut Breakfast table with Will Neptune

Breakfast Table_HD1957_18Tables of this style were known as Breakfast Tables in the 18th century.  When not in use, their leaves could be dropped to save space. Today this small table could serve many purposes and it’s simple but elegant look would fit in many homes. The project for this class is based on a Cherry table from the Chapin Group, a family of furniture makers who made some of Connecticut’s’ best work.

As a project this piece has several interesting challenges. Framing the table for a drawer  and fitting it to the opening is a skill you will use in many other situations. Cutting and hinging the ‘rule-joint’, which allows the leaves to drop is another important skill. The last technical challenge is the fitting and joinery for the shaped and pierced stretchers. Building this unusual table is a chance to learn some important technical skills and expand your woodworking knowledge. Sign up today as this class will fill up soon. Tuition: $795.00 plus materials

This is the second class offered in partnership with the Windsor Historical Society. If you are interested in a chance to display your work in public and support this important Historical project, please see Be a part of Living History.

This class will meet for two weekends for a total of 6 days- one in July and the second in August. This break will allow time to do some "homework" in between sessions.

Section 072613A: Friday, Saturday & Sunday, July 26 - 28 & August 16 - 18, 9:00am - 5:00pm

This class was originally scheduled to meet Monday- Saturday July 22 - 27

Photo used with Permission Historic Deerfield

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