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Handtool Joinery with Chuck Bender

handtool joineryThe resurgence of interest in handtool work is really just a logical extension and appreciation of the skill and practice required to make fine furniture. Machine work can only get you so far- and after that the handtools take over and improve on what the machines can do- if you have developed the skill and techniques for working with handtools. Regardless of your skill level, all woodworkers can benefit from understanding how hand tools can improve their work. In this week long class we’ll cover hand planes and stock preparation as well as traditional joinery methods. We’ll cover dovetails from every angle. We will be making through dovetails, half blind dovetails, full blind dovetails, single angle, compound angle and Bermuda dovetails. You’ll learn how to sharpen and tune up your hand tools using quick, easy methods which will keep your tools in good working order in less time than you ever imagined. We’ll look at saws and sawing techniques as well as spokeshaves, scrapers and many other basic hand tools. If you have been wanting to improve your skills in working with handtools then sign up today! Charles Bender has a national reputation as a maker of superb period furniture. He is a frequent contributor to Popular Woodworking magazine and is the founder of The Acanthus Workshop school in Pennsylvania. Tuition: $725.00 plus materials

Section 071513A: Monday - Friday, July 15 - 19, 9:00am - 5:00pm

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