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By Hammer & Hand: The Dovetailed Schoolbox With Christopher Schwarz

SchoolboxTake a trip to a joiner's shop in 1839 England as we learn to build a dovetailed schoolbox using only our muscles, our minds and a few finely tuned tools.

This small box, which was featured in the 19th-century text "The Joiner & Cabinetmaker," is an excellent introduction to the world of hand-tool woodworking. Even if you plan to keep your machines (I do!), you'll learn how hand tools can make you a more efficient and detail-oriented woodworker.

You'll learn to process stock entirely by hand – using handsaws and bench planes. You'll learn to cut through-dovetails, dados, miters, hinge mortises and basic moulding using hand processes. And you'll learn how to properly choose, drive and set nails – the right nail in the right place is a revelation.

double_screw2_IMG_8096As we build this project, we'll also build three jigs that make handwork easier: A bench hook, a shooting board and a 17th-century-style double-screw vise (which makes dovetailing less of a chore). All the while, we'll be learning a bit about traditional shop practice – the forgotten or lost ways of working that can make modern handwork more accurate and enjoyable.

This class is open for woodworkers with a wide variety of skill levels, from veteran woodworkers who are looking to investigate handwork to beginners with only a few projects under their belts. The only prerequisite is that you can sharpen an edge tool – there's too much else to learn to spend a day on sharpening.
Chris Schwarz is the editor in chief of Popular Woodworking magazine and has written extensively on the subject of handtools and working wood by hand. Do not miss this opportunity to learn some great skills with a great instructor. Tuition: $725.00 plus materials.

Section 080811: Monday - Friday, August 8 - 12, 9:00am- 5:00pm

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