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Build a Queen Anne Side chair with Will Neptune

Philadelphia_Queen_Anne_sidechairIn the Queen Anne period, the most developed forms were seen in side chairs from Philadelphia. With compass (horseshoe) seats and rear legs shaped in "S" curves, every element flowed together. Often carved with shells on the knees and crest rail, these chairs were perfect examples of the naturalistic inspiration behind Queen Anne designs. Much of their effect is gained by the sculptural shaping of the front cabriole legs and the curving rear legs.  The construction methods used in Philadelphia were unique. The front and side rails are joined by mortice and tenons, with the leg entering from below using a round tenon. This unusual technique simplifies the construction of the chair and also allows the legs to be removed for shaping and carving.
  In this class you will learn efficient methods for forming and joining the curved parts and a systematic approach for shaping. The carving of the feet and shells will be broken down into a clear set of simpler steps. We will make sample parts so that each student will have a chance to practice in class so that the real parts can be completed at home without the time pressure of a weeklong class. Tuition: $695.00 plus materials

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Tool list to follow- some specific carving tools will be required

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All I can say is WOW!  Mike Mascelli is absolutely terrific!  

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I took the weekend woodturning class this weekend with Cory Anderson and just wanted to let you know how fabulous I thought he was.

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