Build an Arts & Crafts Inspired Bookshelf with Mike Pekovich

Mike Pekovich wall hung bookshelf 800Did you hear? Books are actually cool again, and here's a nice way to show off a small part of your collection. This compact bookshelf can sit on your desk or hang from a wall and it turns any space into your personal library.  Rustic white oak and exposed joinery give it an Arts & Crafts feel with storybook charm. We'll even add some simple chip carving to finish off the project and add a new skill to your toolbox. In this two-weekend class led by Mike Pekovich, you'll learn efficient ways to cut dovetails and through-tenons, as well as how to construct and fit drawers. It's a lot of fun in a small package and it will definitely brighten your home. Sign up today- Class is limited to 8 participants. Don’t miss it!

Tuition $695.00 plus materials

Section 051521A: Saturday & Sunday, May 15 & 16 & June 5 & 6, 9:30am – 5:00pm

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