The Basics of Using Veneers and Inlaid Bandings— Build a Veneered Box with Bob Van Dyke

Bob Van Dyke walnut veneer box 640If you have ever done any re-sawing then you know how cool a book matched panel can be. When you incorporate veneers into your work the possibilities for creating spectacular patterns are almost endless! Bookmatching is the simple one- but what about radial matching or parquet?  In this hands-on class students will each make a small “Miter Fold” box out of walnut or tiger maple- but before doing that we will explore the endless possibilities of working with veneer to create a striking top for the box. Many veneers require a border to protect the delicate edges- so as a bonus we will explore a little inlay work and make a few different decorative bandings.

We will get into basic techniques for working with the veneers- Flattening them, buying & storing them and how to work with them to create tight, almost invisible seams. We will go into the basic tools & supplies needed along with discussing the various adhesives and ways to clamp up the veneered panel. Incorporating veneer designs into your work will open up possibilities that you may never have dreamed of. Sign up today- this is a great class and you will make a great little box to hold all your treasures!! Sign up today- space is limited. Tuition: $365.00 plus materials ($46.00 + tax)    veneer book and butt.webJPG

Section 101022A: Monday & Tuesday, October 10 & 11, 9:30am—5:00pm (Columbus day Monday)

Call 860.647.0303 to sign up for any class on this website

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