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Router Madness

router_morticing_box.jpgThe router is one of the most versatile power tools in the shop but many people utilize only a fraction of its actual capabilities. Most beginners think of the router for rounding over or chamfering edges of a board but with some understanding of how things work and a little imagination the router can be used for accurate mortises, tenons, dadoes, raised panel doors and more! These techniques will be demonstrated along with discussion about what to look for when buying a router, what are the differences in all the different router bits available and when to use a handheld router and when to use a router table. This class is primarily demonstration but if you have questions about your own router bring it along and, time permitting, we will have students try out some of the techniques being shown. Don’t miss this opportunity to really understand how this important tool works. Tuition: $125 - materials are included

Section 102112A: Sunday, October 21, 10am - 4:30pm

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All I can say is WOW!  Mike Mascelli is absolutely terrific!  

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I took the weekend woodturning class this weekend with Cory Anderson and just wanted to let you know how fabulous I thought he was.

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