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Wood Connections: A guide to the many different methods of joining wood- with Lowrie Sargent

thru_mortice.jpgNovice woodworkers are inundated with conflicting information about which furniture joint is best or what technique is best when in reality- they are almost all good- for a particular set of circumstances! This class with furniture maker, Lowrie Sargent, is designed to make woodworkers more flexible and innovative by understanding the pros and cons of selecting joints, glues, mechanical fasteners and clamps. Lowrie will present students with a number of woodworking “problems” and then explore how best to solve them. Is a simple butt joint and screws sufficient or should you be using something stronger like a mortice and tenon or a dovetail? What makes one type of glue better in a particular application? These are just a few of the questions you can expect to be clarified in this unique new class. Don’t miss this opportunity to remove some of the confusion in your life!
Tuition: $195.00 (materials are included)


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All I can say is WOW!  Mike Mascelli is absolutely terrific!  

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I took the weekend woodturning class this weekend with Cory Anderson and just wanted to let you know how fabulous I thought he was.

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