Build a Fan Back Windsor Chair with Dave Douyard

Dave Douyard Fan Back 800This six-day class takes you through the process of building a Windsor Fan Back chair from start to finish. It will cover every aspect of making a Windsor style chair, beginning with lumber selection, chairmaking tools, hand shaping parts, working with compound angles, all the way through final assembly. Plan on building this chair primarily with hand tools. Due to the logistics of the class all turned parts will be provided.

High points of the class include:

  • Use hand tools: drawknife, spokeshave, reamer, adz, scorp and scraper
  • Steam-bending
  • Layout and drill compound angles
  • Use of tapered mortise and tenon joints
  • Use moisture content and grain orientation to make a long-lasting joint
  • Assembly using hide glue

Tuition: $945.00 plus materials ($225.00 + tax)

Section 072522A: Monday—Saturday, July 25—30, 9:00am—5:00pm

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