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Build a Classic Bookcase with Steve Latta

Steve Latta Bookcase with Doors 800Glass doors protecting your collection of small turnings, antique tools or rare first editions, bring a level of sophistication to this already elegant bookcase.  Light gently bounces off the rich texture of the eight panes of old, salvaged glass cut and glazed into each door.  The beaded face-frame, profiled shelf-edges, ogee or flat bracket feet, 3/8 mullions and a frame-and-panel back all contribute to the overall refinement of the piece.  The hardware, brass butt hinges, surface bolts and morticed brass lock all enhance the design. 

 In this class, we will be able to complete the majority of the project during class time by focusing on a professional, strategic approach to tackling the many tasks involved in this case piece. During our week together, I intend to emphasize the process of woodworking as much as the product.  Many folks talk about the artistic nature of woodworking but in doing so, only tend to look at the finished piece sitting on display.  I want to explore the path itself that takes us to that point and the sense of rhythm that adds its own spirit.

Steve Latta is one of this country's premier furniture makers. He is known for his superb inlay work but  his 30 + years of furniture making & teaching combine to make this class a unique opportunity you should not miss!

Sign up today– Space is limited. Tuition: $850.00 plus materials

Section 070620A: Monday—Sunday, July 6 - 12, 9:00am—5:00pm

NOTE- this date was originally June 8 - 14. Rescheduled due to COVID-19

NOTE: This class is 7 days- not the usual 6 days

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