The Joy of Woodcarving – Spend a Week with Mary May

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What better way to spend a week than to put a woodcarving gouge in your hand, create something beautiful- and have fun! Mary May, a well-known professional woodcarver and instructor from South Carolina, will walk you through the carving process using a variety of relief carving projects. This class will focus on carving for furniture– fans, shells and urns– and then will transition to a variety of drapery and linenfold, and finally– the week will finish up with a Philadelphia style Ball & Claw foot

This beginning carving class will cover a lot of information for those who want to carve decorative details in furniture. She will begin with the basics of how to use carving gouges, tool safety, grain direction, and tool sharpening. She will then walk you through the step-by-step process of carving a traditional fan, a variety of drapery and linenfold, and finally,  the Philadelphia style Ball and Claw foot.

Throughout the week Mary will also demonstrate a variety of tricks and techniques on how to efficiently use the gouges, how to make difficult carving cuts, how to sharpen tools to a razor sharp edge,

This is a perfect class for both beginners and experienced carvers. Beginning carvers can learn the basics from Mary, while experienced carvers will have a whole week to pick Mary’s brain, clarify the questions they may have been struggling with over the years and practice the skills she will be showing you. This is a great opportunity to learn both the basics and the advanced techniques under the guidance of one of our country’s best carvers and instructors.

Sign up today- This is a week that you will not want to miss! Tuition: $945.00 plus materials ($28.00 plus tax)

Section 071023A: Monday - Friday, July 10 - 14, 9:00am – 5:00pm

Call 860.647.0303 to sign up for any class on this website

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