Build a Greene & Greene style Blanket Chest with Darrell Peart

Darrell Peart Blanket chest 2019 800Over a six-day period, we will be building a Greene & Greene style Blanket Chest. A chest of this size lends itself to a variety of uses other than storing blankets – coffee table – toy chest – hope chest - etc.

By the end of the project you will have expanded your experience with several classic G&G design elements such as making and inserting ebony plugs, bread board ends with ebony spline, proud finger joints as well as Darrell’s interpretation of the “strap detail”. 

The project will be built using wide Honduras Mahogany. The sides & ends are one board and the top is a glue up of two boards. This insures continuity throughout the whole piece- both in color and grain type.

The finger joints for the case will be machined using a routing template which will also be available for sale should you want to make more in your own shop. 

Students should have a basic familiarity with table saws, routers and bandsaws for this class. It is not a beginner level class. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about your readiness for the class.

This will be an enjoyable week to build a piece of furniture in a relaxed atmosphere and talk about Greene & Greene and woodworking (two of Darrell’s favorite subjects). Sign up today- space is limited and I am sure this class will sell out. Tuition: $985.00 plus materials

Section 060721A: Monday - Saturday, June 7 - 12 (2021), 9:00am - 5:00pm

Note: this class was originally scheduled for summer 2020- postponed due to Covid-19.

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