Beginning Basic Decorative Bandings with Bob Van Dyke

Bob Van Dyke faux bag slide banding 800In this one-day class, CVSW school director and Fine Woodworking Magazine Contributing Editor Bob Van Dyke will demonstrate a number of increasingly complex decorative bandings. These bandings were employed extensively in the furniture of the Federal Period and they lend a distinction and uniqueness to almost any woodworking project. Historically, many of these bandings were actually a two-dimensional version of Queen Anne style three dimensional carvings. Regardless of the background- or the complexity, the question still remains- How are these things made? No- no one is gluing in tiny little pieces of wood with a tweezers and magnifying glassy! Like anything, it is a process- sometimes simple and sometimes incredibly complex! We will explore a number of different styles- including sand shaded bandings – a process that adds an incredibly three-dimensional quality that involves scorching parts in hot sand. Most of the basic processes were learned from inlay and bandings expert Steve Latta while others come from study and experimentation. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your repertoire and learn a fascinating process! Sign up today- space is limited. Tuition: $145.00 materials are included.

Section 102222A: Saturday, October 22, 9:30am – 5:00pm 

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