An Introduction to Japanese Tools and Techniques with Andrew Hunter

Andrew Hunter 4Traditional Japanese woodworking has much to offer the West, particularly those of us with an interest in working wood with hand tools. Japan’s blacksmiths are renowned for the quality of their blades, and the carpenters equally respected for the skill with which they use them. In this weekend class Andrew Hunter will introduce students to the magical world of Japanese woodworking, with a focus on how to incorporate these traditional woodworking tools and techniques into a western shop.


Whether you are totally new to Japanese tools and want to learn more about what makes them unique or you have some experience and are looking for a broader perspective, there is something for everyone.  Andrew will not only include instructions on how to get started using Japanese tools like saws, chisels and planes, he will also get into the philosophy behind them and will share what it is about these tools that got him hooked in the first place.  

Students are encouraged to bring their own Japanese tools to class.  Andrew can offer feedback and assistance to get them to work more efficiently.  If you don’t have your own collection of Japanese tools (yet), no worries.  Andrew will have many of his own tools on hand for students to try out.


With over 20 years of experience as a furniture maker working with Japanese tools Andrew has a wealth of knowledge to draw from.  As a self-taught woodworker, he offers a unique perspective to other Americans discovering Japanese woodworking for the first time.  Sign up today and expand your woodworking horizons! Tuition: $365.00 plus materials ($25.00 + tax)

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Section 121722B: Saturday & Sunday, December 17 & 18, 9:30am - 5:00pm

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