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Rural New England Style Inlays with Steve Latta


lombard oval 640The furniture makers of New England, both rural and urban alike, made huge contributions to what has become known as the Federal style. Stringings, bandings, pictorials and elaborate veneer work became the preferred method of ornamentation as the styling rebelled against what was perceived as the excesses of the Chippendale era. 

During the federal period, there were sharp contrasts between the inlay executed in the major urban centers and the less populated rural regions. Urban specialists provided ornate bandings, bell flowers, and complex pictorial inlays which were actually frequently imported from England. Their designs reflected classical themes fully rooted in the neo-classic tradition. 

Although perceived by many as the poor “country cousins” to the more established city shops, rural cabinetmakers such as Massachusetts’s Nathan Lombard displayed incredible ingenuity in their designs. Nationally known furniture maker, author and instructor, Steve Latta, has studied this style of inlay extensively and we are pleased to host this unique hands-on class where we will get into making the unique inlays of Lombard and his New England compatriots. The famous Lombard “eagle” along with his abstract escutcheon inlay, along with unique rural techniques of banding and stringing will all be part of this unique class. Sign up today. Steve is one of the leading experts on Federal style inlay work.

Tuition: $295.00 plus materials

This class will be rescheduled for early 2018


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