The Taming of the Skew with Rick Angus

Rick Angus Skew 800Become one with your skew! It’s the only tool we will use during this class.

Chisels likely were the original turning tools and they are today’s go-to tools for leaving a super smooth finish on spindle work. Their versatility includes not only a planing cuts that leave a super smooth surfaces but rolling beads in tight places, making shallow coves, end-grain cuts and making notches for starting tight coves with a detail gouge. Its also a great roughing gouge!

Spend a day understanding the variety of chisel profiles available to the modern turner and the benefits of each shape.

Sign up today– space is limited.

Tuition: $145.00 plus materials (TBD).

Section 050122B: Sunday, May 1, 9:30am—5:00pm

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