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Spindle Turning for Furniture making with Rick Angus

rick angus spindle turning 800How do the masters make duplicate spindle pieces for furniture—and do it in a profitable manner?  The answer? Practice, some special techniques and utilizing a template system which allows easy, quickly and accurate marking of turning blanks. The cutting of the marked piece is done in many small steps, always in the same order,  to maintain a consistency in workflow.  This gave consistency of finished appearance. 

To make a replacement spindle or to make a set of identical pieces, a template is made which has all the features of the piece: coves, beads, cylinders, faces and chamfers.  Next, critical diameters and the lengths of features are measured and added to the template.  All the information is now at hand to begin producing multiple parts.

Practice & repetition is critical to success in spindle turning– especially if you want all the components to be the same! We will be practicing spindle turning techniques with gouges and with the skew chisel throughout the class.

Rick will be guiding participants in some basic duplicating techniques and then students will move on to making a template and executing  their own (withing reason!) project.


 The school will provide all materials and tools required but please bring any of your own tools  that you would like to use and some designs or design ideas.  You should go home with a set of duplicate spindles and the templates that allow you to make even more at home—and the knowledge of how to make more. Sign up today. Space is limited. Tuition: $365.00 plus materials


Section 031321B: Saturday & Sunday, March 13 & 14, 9:30 AM—5:00PM

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