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The Taming of the Skew with Rick Angus

Rick Angus Skew 800Become one with your skew! it’s the only one used during this class. 

Chisels likely were the original turning tools and they are today’s go-to tools for leaving a super smooth finish on spindle work.  Their versatility includes not only a planing or chamfer cut leaving baby-skin-smooth surfaces but rolling beads in tight places, making shallow coves, end-grain facing, marking distances between features with great accuracy and making notches for starting tight coves with a detail gouge.  Its also a great roughing gouge!

Spend a day understanding the variety of chisel profiles available to the modern turner and the benefits of each shape.  One will do most spindle tasks but three or four will do nearly everything spindle—yes even coves! 

We start with a finely sharpened double beveled, curved, skewed woodturning chisel (The Skew!) provided by the school.  With it we will prepare totem poles demonstrating the following cutting techniques:

Rough a billet to a cylinder using two cut types: planing and peeling,

Plane the cylinder to a smooth, uniform diameter round,

Face the endgrain square to the axis,

Cut a chamfer,

Mark features,

Cut notches for beginning beads and coves,

Roll beads and cut shallow coves (small coves best are made with a detail gouge),

Use an angled parting tool (also a chisel) for nearly flawless cut-offs.

If we make good progress, we can make a spinning top from a billet. 

Please bring any chisels that you own for evaluation and sharpening.  Fortunately, chisel sharpening is straight-forward using a platform and a wheel grinder.  Sharpening strategies will be discussed and the grinder, honing (1200 grit) and possibly stropping methods will be used.  Students can expect to sharpen one or more of their chisels and use it during the class.  Students will be able to balance the amount of turning/sharpening to their individual needs. Sign up today– space is limited.

Tuition: $125.00 plus materials (TBD)

Section 102520B: Sunday, October 25, 9:00am—5:00pm

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