Step Into Woodworking
In Person, Hands on Projects for the Complete Beginner with Bob Van Dyke

Do you have projects around the house that keep getting put off because you lack the confidence- or the skill, to use tools properly and safely? Or maybe you have wanted to learn about woodworking and just want to get started the “right” way. Check out this new series of classes that CVSW Director Bob Van Dyke has developed.

This series of hands-on classes is designed to use simple, readily available power and handtools utilizing lumber that can be gotten at most home centers. These classes will not be using stationary machines like the tablesaw, Jointer or Thickness planer.

Building these projects will give you the knowledge and confidence to tackle other more complex challenges, whether it is fixing stuff around the house or maybe building some shelves in the closet.

These classes are designed for the absolute (or nearly absolute!) beginner who wants to get into woodworking as a hobby- or someone who just wants to build some simple projects or do some repairs around the house. You can take the classes in this series in any order you want. The first in the series- “A Simple Stylish Bench” will be followed up with other projects such as a simple plant stand, a small wall mounted bookshelf, and a small storage box that could be used just about anywhere. After that-Who knows? The sky is the limit!