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Handplanes can be one of the most useful and rewarding tools in the workshop – or they can be one of the most frustrating! Learn how to effectively use handplanes in your work with Ct. Valley School of Woodworking director, Bob Van Dyke. Which handplane is right for a particular job? What should you look for when buying a new or a flea market plane? How are they “tuned up”? And most importantly- how are they sharpened? These are just a few of the questions that will be answered in this exciting two-day class. We will also go thru many of the basic (and not so basic) types of handplanes- starting with the Stanley bench-planes and going on to compass planes, shoulder planes and combination planes like the Stanley #45 & #55. Because sharpening is such a basic and critically important part of using a handplane we all devote time to learning this essential skill and each make a sharpening "projection jigs" to facilitate your speed and consistency in sharpening. This is a simple device that ensures the same sharpening angle each time you sharpen. The second day will be spent getting your planes sharpened and tuned up so you can start practicing using it. Techniques such as smoothing a surface, beveling a table edge, planing a curved surface, shooting edge joints, using shooting boards, fitting mortise and tenons and planing end grain will all be included. This is a hands on class and you should plane on bringing one or two of your own handplanes with you to work on. The ideal planes for this class are an older (early 20th century) Stanley # 3 or 4 bench plane and a block or shoulder plane.  Don’t miss this unique and informative class. Space is limited. Tuition: $385.00 plus materials ($29.00 plus tax)