3 hours, Fri 9:00 AM - Fri 12:00 PM, 09:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Yale Furniture Study
  • 900 West Campus Drive
  • West Haven
  • CT
  • United States
  • $60.00 excl.


Many of you have expressed the desire to accompany CVSW director Bob Van Dyke on one of his frequent visits to the Yale University Art Gallery’s Hume American Furniture Study Center in West Haven, CT. The Furniture Study is an 18K sq. ft facility that houses over 1300 pieces of furniture, clocks, and wooden objects. Particularly strong in colonial and Federal furniture, mainly from the Mabel Brady Garvan Collection, the Furniture Study also contains tool displays that unpack craft processes, as well as a collection of about 200 pieces of contemporary turned-wood and related sculpture.

In this second of what we hope will be a recurring “up close” seminar with Patricia Kane, Friends of American Arts Curator of American Decorative Arts at the Art Gallery, we will examine the differing construction & ornamentation of several federal card tables from Yale’s extensive collection.  Pat has been a decades long leading scholar on early American furniture, focusing for over twenty years on objects made in colonial and Federal-era Newport and greater Rhode Island, along with her extensive study of Federal card tables. She is co-author with Benjamin Hewitt and Gerald Ward, of the acclaimed Work of Many Hands, Card Tables in Federal America 1790 – 1820.

We will examine regional construction similarities and differences- materials used, apron construction, leg design and fly leg/ knuckle joint variations.

Considering that these tables were primarily status symbols, the level & complexity of ornamentation played a huge part in the value of these unique tables. Pat will showcase paterae and inlays that were regionally unique along with examples that were manufactured abroad (usually England) and purchased by local cabinetmakers.

Join us for this unique examination with one of this country’s leading curators and authorities on Federal furniture. Sign up soon- We are limiting this to eight participants.

As an added bonus, after Pat’s presentation, Furniture Study Manager Eric Litke and CVSW Director Bob Van Dyke will lead an informal tour of American furniture on view in the Yale Art Gallery downtown.  After lunch (on your own) we will meet in the Gallery lobby at 1:30 and check out more of Yale’s excellent collection.

Hope you can make it.

Tuition: $ 60.00 (most of the proceeds will be donated to the Yale Art Gallery’s American Decorative Arts Department)

Friday, October 11,  9:00am – 12:00pm

Meet at the Yale Furniture Study entrance, 900 West Campus Drive, West Haven, CT