Japan boasts some of the oldest wooden buildings on earth.  Their longevity relies on intricate joinery that not only can withstand years of exposure to the elements,  but are also reversible for the inevitable repairs.  In this weekend class Andrew will introduce students to the secrets behind these sophisticated joints.  Student will learn principles that are applicable to both furniture makers and timber framers alike.   

      Each participant will cut their own Kanawa scarf joint entirely by hand.    This intricate joint is a perfect exercise for getting started with Japanese joinery.  Students will learn how to use centerlines and story sticks to make simple work of complex layouts and how to most efficiently use their hand tools to work to these lines.  Andrew will demonstrate methods for getting tight fitting joinery every time.  

      Students are encouraged to bring their own Japanese tools to class. Andrew will offer feedback and assistance on getting them tuned and set up to work more efficiently. If you don’t have your own collection of Japanese tools (yet), no worries, bring what you have.  Andrew will have a selection tools for students to try out and you are welcome to take advantage of the well stocked collection of western style handtool provided by the school. Don’t miss this unique opportunity! Sign up today.

Tuition $385.00 plus materials ($25.00)