The use of hide glue and hammer veneering goes back thousands of years.   The walls of ancient Egyptian tombs portray craftsmen sawing veneers, mixing glue in a pot and laying those veneers down with the same hammer techniques which are just as effective today as it was back then. 

This ancient technique offers a no-nonsense, streamlined approach to veneering which allows for complex patterns and quick repairs or “do-over’s” as the need arises. Join nationally known furniture maker, & Sapfm Cartouche award recipient Al Breed for this information packed two day workshop where we will take a hard look at hide glue and its characteristics, toothing & sizing the substrate and the veneers, their preparation and usage, and the hammer veneering technique for laying them down. 

We will practice these techniques  by working on a panel with a  surrounding crossbanding of a contrasting wood such as would be used for a drawer front.

The skills you will learn could be applied to any project incorporating veneers. The limit is only your imagination!

Sign up today- this is a class you will not want to miss!

Tuition: $415.00 plus materials