1 day, Sat 9:30 AM - Sat 5:00 PM, 09:30 AM - 05:00 PM


  • $165.00 excl.


This class is an introduction for woodworkers interested in learning how to sharpen their own handsaws and backsaws. The curriculum will cover jointing, filing teeth to uniform size and gullet depth, setting, and final sharpening. Topics discussed in depth will include the geometric and functional distinction between rip and crosscut teeth and how fleam and rake are combined to maximize the function of cutting along or across wood fibers. Proper file selection, filing technique, and saw vise requirements will also be discussed. No prior knowledge of saw sharpening is required. The class will be hands on with each student learning to sharpen a rip and crosscut saw.  Students are required to bring two saws to practice on. One rip and one crosscut. Full size handsaws are recommended - 6 to 10 points per inch. NO DOVETAIL or small backsaws as the teeth are too small for learning. These saws must be in decent shape. This is a sharpening class- not a saw rehab class!   The instructor will provide two files with handles for each student.

Matt Cianci is a professional saw doctor. His website and blog are at  Sign up today- This is always a fun class! Tuition: $165.00 plus materials ($25.00 paid directly to instructor)