The Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) was a bright point in China's long history, where arts and culture reached a pinnacle of taste and style.   The furniture that came out of this era is some of the finest the world has ever known. Yet, to many, in the West traditional Chinese furniture is relatively unknown. Graceful designs, superlative material and fine craftsmanship are defining elements of this style. 

Professional Furniture maker and educator, Andrew Hunter will spend the day discussing the history of furniture making in China with an emphasis on what made Ming style or Classical Chinese furniture so special.   This lecture-based class will begin with an introduction to furniture making in China and the history that led to it's refinement.

We will also investigate the influence classical Chinese furniture has had on modern furniture designs from Queen Anne to Mid-century modern.  And of course, we will examine the intricate joinery that held it together for all these years!  So join us for this unique opportunity to learn something new.

Tuition: $145.00 Materials are included