A hands-on course that covers the basic concepts of woodworking and furniture making.

Start building the foundation which is necessary to learning the processes and techniques of making solid wood furniture. This eight-session (or 2 weekend) class is a combination of demonstrations and hands-on practice.

General shop safety is emphasized as students learn and practice the process of milling solid hardwoods and the importance of the three stationary tools that form the backbone of any modern furniture making shop- the tablesaw, the jointer and the thickness planer. In addition to learning the safe & effective use of these mainstays, students will also begin to develop their skills with certain handtools and start to appreciate how they complement and finish the job begun with the major shop power tools. 

The project in this class is a solid walnut jewelry box which utilizes all the basic tools & skills needed to begin making other furniture projects. Equipped with these basics, students can begin their rewarding journey to taking on more challenging projects in other classes and in their own shops.

This class is the required prerequisite for Furniture Making II.

Class size is limited to 10 students. 

Tuition: $595.00 plus materials ($59.00 + tax)