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Professional, Well-Planned and Fun!

I have taken 4 classes at CVSW. Bob Van Dyke is a walking repository for woodworking information. And, owing to his professional skill and the quality of his school, he attracts some of the most talented and well-known teachers in the woodworking community.

All of the classes take place in the schools dedicated space. You are not sharing the space with a woodworking club or trying to hear an instructor over the sound of machines being used for projects not related to your class.

The equipment in the school is top quality and expertly maintained. The chisels are sharp, the table saws are aligned to the miter slots, etc. etc.

Most importantly, all of the classes are well planned. Each day has a set of objectives, and the instructors do a good job of keeping you on track. I have seen several classes in which a few slower, less experienced students, were more than able to keep up with the class without dragging down the pace for the more experienced.

David M